Pacific Northwest Chapter
of MLA

Annual Meeting

PNC/MLA 2018

Montvale Event Center, Spokane, WA
October 14-16, 2018

(October 14th is CE day)

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Program Planning Committee

Co-Chairs                                            Kathryn Vela, Washington State University

Electra Enslow Washington State University

Past Chair                                            Laura Zeigen, Oregon Health & Science University

Treasurer                                            Emily Patridge, University of Washington

Registration                                        Stephanie Debner, University of Western States

Emily Patridge, University of Washington  

Exhibits                                                Andrea Ball, University of Washington

Sigrid Brudie, University of Alaska 

Vicki Croft, Washington State University

Papers and Posters                         Daina Dickman, Birthingway College of Midwifery

Continuing Education                     Beth Hill (co-chair) Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center Library

Nancy Shin, Washington State University

Website                                               Ann Madhavan, University of Washington

Ekaterini Papadopoulou, Bastyr University

Publicity                                               Nikki Dettmar, University of Washington

Ann Madhavan, University of Washington

Hospitality                 Beth Hill,  Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center Library

Suzanne Fricke, Washington State University

Theresa Kappus, Gonzaga University

Chapter Webmaster                       Ekaterini Papadopoulou, Bastyr University

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